The Book


Help and Hope for Parents & Teachers of Teenagers.

"Powerful. Refreshing. Hilarious. I literally couldn't put it down! The scope and candor of this book cut to the realities of parenting and teaching while offering hope through practical solutions... a pure joy to read." Dr. Paul Lewanski, Ed.D., California Teacher of the Year, Father of Two.

Tyler Durman has spoken live to over 4 million teenagers. Following each presentation, where he offers guidance through comedic storytelling, students approach him to confide and confess things they've never told their parents, teachers, or even best friends.

Thousands of these one on one conversations have given Tyler a rare window into their lives, allowing him to gain wisdom about the surprising and counter-intuitive things they need and long for from the adults in their lives.

If you want to experience joy and intimacy in your relationship with your child or students, the observations and tools in these pages will give you a way forward. If you're feeling overwhelmed or at a loss, they'll provide hope.

As a former teacher and father of five, Tyler writes with a voice that's fresh, raw, and just pure fun. He's found a way to relay profound wisdom while being intensely funny at the same time.


"The most fun and profound parenting book I have ever read. I've never had such fun getting practical help! Tyler has skillfully merged humor, wisdom and hope into a fantastic gift to both me, and even more importantly, my kids. My favorite part was the advice he gives for talking to kids about dating, which I've been fearing for years! Now I feel confident in how to approach it and look forward to serving my kids well. Counterintuitive has my highest recommendation for parents with kids of all ages."
Amazon Customer - "A Grateful Dad!"
"This book fell upon me at the most critical time of my life as a parent! Tyler's humor helped me make scary or intimidating moments become more realistic and break things down into such a simple format... That even I felt I could conquer this parenting thing. This book should be in every parents back pocket! I even bought another copy so I could lend it out and still have a copy for myself!"
Danielle Chiramonte - Single Mother of a 17-year-old
"Wow! As a school counselor, I am ecstatic that Tyler has taken his years of experience with millions of teens and put that data into an easy to read, non-threatening book that I recommend to teachers and parents alike. This by no means is a "parenting" course book, but it is a book that will help thousands of parents and eventually change the very fabric of our culture by dealing with teens in a more productive manner."
Myrna Harp, MA, PPSC - 2014 California School Counselor of the Year
"This book is a "must read" for parents, teachers, and really, anyone who as anything to do with children, particularly teenagers. Loved the humor and candid writing from personal experiences of the author"
Sally Walter - Parent
"Hillarious, authentic, encouraging and packed full of powerful wisdom! As a father of two little girls and as an educator for fifteen years, this book impacted me personally and professionally. This is a must read for parents and educators and one that I will reference in my personal and professional life daily!!!"
Brad Nye - Assistant Principal, Fossil Ridge HS, Colorado, Married Father of Two Daughters
"I'm a dad who loves my sons. I want to be the best father I can be, but struggle. This book helped me a ton! It was very funny, and yet Tyler's voice is also authentic and loving. It's worth reading over and over again. The short chapters kept me reading and gave me a lot of wisdom."
Roman Stearns - Education Consultant for School Reform, Father of Two Sons
"I was drawn in by the humor, and the quality of the imagery kept me there. My wife was so moved by these stories that she teared up, and when I gave them to my 21-year-old son, I heard him laughing from the next room. This is a book everyone will love!"
Paul Naude - CEO, Billabong USA