• I’ve never seen 2,500 racially diverse students and adults laugh harder or be more entranced. His comedic timing is perfect.

    Steve Barkley, High School Administrator, Yucaipa, CA

  • It was a tremendous honor to have Tyler speak at my school. To watch him work in front of my 2000, mainly Hispanic, students was a privilege. They were mesmerized. Monica (my wife) and I have been married for 27 years, and parents for 24. His insight for parents was profound. Olivia (our daughter, 14) was ‘caught’ reading his book past her bedtime last night. We had just read some of it with her. Talk about doing amazing thing!

    Edward Delgado, Principal, Rio Linda High School, Sacramento, CA

  • Tyler was awesome! Our students and adults LOVED him, and are all still talking about him. He was hilarious, yet had a fabulous message. He is hands down the best speaker I have seen in the 20 years as an educator, I only wish my own son could have heard him.

    Elizabeth Phonesavanh, Activities Director, Buhach Colony High School. Fresno, CA 209-357-6647

  • I have had nothing but positive feedback from students and faculty since Tyler’s visit. He not only did a great job with the student body, but with my Student Government kids as well. His message was very well received from students and teachers and the delivery was outstanding. His abilities are very rare!

    Ron Peterson, Principal, Chaparral High School. Denver, Colorado

  • I want to sincerely thank Tyler for the amazing message he brought to our students and staff. As one parent said to me: “My son never has anything but negative things to say about guest speakers but he told me this guy was awesome." Only someone like Tyler, who has been a teacher, parent, and speaker, would know what a complement that is from a 16 year-old boy. The time he took to make special connections with our students and each of our staff members was what stood out for me the most. Staff were touched that he was willing to stay with them after school, and truly connect on a personal and professional level. The work he does and the generosity of spirit he does it with is very rare!

    Shauna Boyce, Principal, Memorial Composite High School, Stony Plain, AB, Canada.

  • I find Tyler’s stories to be truly mesmerizing, deeply insightful and extremely humorous. He was so impactful that I shared numerous copies of his book with colleagues, parents and friends. He’s onto something powerful here.

    Gary Rapkin, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools, Bonita Unified District, CA

  • I’ve had the chance sit with 5,000 other adults and be swept up by his storytelling, and I’m so grateful he’s put it all into this book. His writing makes me laugh out loud, and gives me a lot to think about. His wisdom hits home and his stories show me a lot about myself and how I need to grow.

    Frank Tate, President, Five-Minute Walk Records and Management

  • I was drawn in by the humor of Tyler’s writing, and the quality of the imagery kept me there. My wife was so moved she teared up, and when I gave the book to my 21-year-old son, I heard him laughing from the next room. This is a book everyone will love.

    Paul Naude, CEW, Billabong USA

  • Tyler has had a greater impact on our community than any other speaker. Students, teachers and parents hang on every word. Each year many parents call to say ‘thank you’ for the impact he’s had on their relationships at home.

    Gary Short, Principal, Ashbrook High School, Gastonia, North Carolina

  • Recently I had the pleasure of hearing Tyler speak to the advisors of my state. It was the best I’ve heard in 30 years as an advisor.

    Dale A. Dufresne, Montana Association of Student Councils, Executive Board

  • He’s compelling, poignant, just wonderful! He will profoundly impact any group!

    T.C. Hardesty, National Advisor of the Year, National Association of Secondary School Principals

  • Adults and students were in total awe at his keynote. He has the ability to bring tears and laughter together in the most solid speaking experience I’ve ever seen.

    Bill Tangeman, CADA past Area F Coordinator; Activities Director, Brea Olinda High School

  • Tyler has the unique ability to speak so powerfully that people’s lives are changed forever. Students respect him, and know he understands them as few adults can. Adults hang on every word!

    Sandy Ginger, Director of Nevada Association of Student Councils; Region 7 National Advisor of the Year

  • I’ve never seen 2,500 racially diverse students & teachers laugh harder or be more entranced with pin-drop silence. His comedic timing is perfect. You’ll laugh ‘till you cry. He’s simply the best speaker I’ve ever heard.

    Steve Barkley, ASB Director, Yucaipa H.S.

  • Tyler hits a home run every time he holds a mike. He moves students, staff and parents in such a profound and lasting way that I’ve made him a tradition in every leadership position I’ve ever held - middle school, high school, district, & conferences. Hire him! You’ll be grateful you did!

    Cindy Bader, CADA Past President (California Association of Directors of Activities)

  • Every student & adult in America needs to hear Tyler. I’ve never seen people respond so deeply to anyone else. I’ve heard him some 25 times and he never misses.

    Don Shaffer, National Advisor of the Year (NASSP), CADA Past President, Classroom Teacher

  • I’ve watched Tyler take a crowd of 3,200 distracted teenagers who didn’t want to be in the room, and have them eating out of his hand within two minutes. This would be a daunting task for even the most seasoned stand-up comedian. His abilities are extraordinary. Now that he’s put all of this into a poignant and entertaining book, it will be fun to see how his career takes off. The entertainment industry is about to become aware of, and fall in love with Tyler Durman.

    Dighton Spooner, Former CBS Television Executive